our identity statement


We are grounded in the Jesus tradition and we revere Jesus as a lens through which we experience God. We honor Christian scripture - its teachings and stories - as having profound truths for our lives.

We respect the diversity of interpretations within our faith and we are open to new revelations and insights through biblical study and scholarship.

We believe spiritual seeking to be a deeply personal life-long journey which is strengthened by open dialog, questions and doubts, and exploring of ideas within a community of seekers.

We affirm that there is no one absolute way to conceptualize God for all people and that mere words will never fully define or capture the divine. We seek insight and wisdom wherever they are found.

We strive to promote peace, justice, reconciliation, and wholeness both within our homes and across the globe. We seek to extend grace, compassion and mercy to all people and especially to the poor and needy among us.

We recognize the interconnectedness of all living things and that human beings are but one part of a wondrous whole of God's creation. We believe we have a sacred responsibility to preserve, restore and honor our earthly environment.

We celebrate diversity and welcome the full participation of any person who seeks to be a part of our community.

We are open to all and closed to none.

We acknowledge that controversy and challenges are a natural part of relationships, and we are committed to working through conflicts within a safe and respectful community. We will strive to learn from each other and grow with one another.